Using technology to improve processes and create efficiencies

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If you worry about the impact of compliance gaps, you are not alone. For businesses, having a holistic overview of company processes provides transparency, a focus on effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement.

That’s why Ben Jessop, owner of Orion Private Wealth Management, was pleased to look at ways to incorporate improvements and drive efficiencies in Compass, Centrepoint Alliance’s proprietary version of Xplan.

Setting the foundations

Over two one-on-one training sessions, the Centrepoint Alliance Advice Technology team worked with the team at Orion to understand their processes and identify ways to deliver practice improvements. Taking an approach to bring the whole team together enabled everyone to get a holistic understanding of the process and understand how everyone was integral to developing a seamless and compliant process.

Not only has Ben and the team cleaned up the database, they are now looking at ways to turn that data into insights. Going through the process has also helped them to:

  • Articulate all the things they do behind the scenes
  • Focus on client categorisation and utilisation of the Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS) and opt-in functionality to comply with new regulation
  • Streamline their processes

You can read Ben’s full story here.

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