How to get the most from your advice technology

Centrepoint technology

When it comes to advice technology, advisers have found it hard to find one solution that meets their needs. Researching technology to understand their capabilities and functionality can be both confusing and time-consuming. As a result, many advisers are using a combination of systems and processes, increasing the risk of errors and making it difficult to gain a thorough understanding of your client segments.

Josiah Li, the owner of Essence Planning Pty Ltd, had attended some training sessions and watched some webinars about Xplan but knew that he had only scratched the surface when it came getting the most out of the Compass system. 

The Centrepoint Alliance approach

Over two one-on-one training sessions, the Centrepoint Alliance Advice Technology team worked with Josiah to understand his processes and what Compass elements and its functionality would best support his needs. Taking a ‘learn as you go’ approach, Josiah now has in place a single source of truth, with clear client segment groups and rich insights into his business. 

Not only has Josiah cleaned up his client lists and ensured they are tagged to the correct segments, but he has also achieved:

  • Time savings achieved through integrating systems and developing smoother processes
  • Increased client insights to support business planning and forecasting
  • A greater understanding of Compass functionality, personalizing the system to align to business processes

You can read Josiah's full story here

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