Centrepoint Alliance extends adviser technology platform capability with 8 third-party applications

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July 14, 2021

When it comes to advice technology, every advice business is different. That’s why it’s important to have an open approach to technology, identifying opportunities and platforms that can improve the technology ecosystem and help deliver a more seamless advice process.

Over the last six months, the Centrepoint Alliance Advice Technology team have been reviewing the capabilities of various advice platforms and undertaking a rigorous analysis of their security and ability to integrate with the Compass platform, Centrepoint’s proprietary version of Xplan.

The selection of the platforms to review were based on several factors. The team gained feedback from both the Centrepoint Alliance advice community, as well as from the wider industry.

The result has been the identification of eight platforms that are able to be integrated with Compass covering:

  • Advice CRM: Roar Software – Seido and Practifi
  • Client engagement tools: MoneySoft Fact Find, Astute Wheel, Advice Revolution and Myprosperity
  • Client engagement and external paraplanning: Padua Sorrento
  • Accounting / Revenue: Xeppo

For Centrepoint Advisers who have been using or may be considering these providers, having the ability to integrate with Compass may not only to save time, but also to help with ensuring data accuracy by reducing risk of errors from needing to manually duplicate information across platforms.

Our team will continue to look at potential integration opportunities to identify innovative technology solutions that will help advisers choose the best advice technology stack for their business and their clients.

Leveraging technology for improved client experience

With the increase in compliance requirements and reporting, keeping track of service deliverables can be a burden. Building your advice technology stack to enable flexibility and ease of use is just the beginning to helping advisers save time so they can focus on their clients.

Advisers can use these tools in a few ways depending on their client value proposition and their client needs. These integrations not only extend the capability of Compass, they complement advisers’ natural focus on providing clients with compliant, quality advice.

Getting the best from advice technology

We’re always work with our advisers to help them understand how to get the best from their advice technology. In a recent program, the Centrepoint Alliance Advice Technology team worked one-on-one with advisers to help them understand the capabilities and functionality of Compass, and personalise the system to align with business processes.

You can read about Josiah Li’s experience with the Compass Best Practice program here.