How do you solve a problem like Maria? Possibly through outsourcing

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We all know that managing people can be time-consuming and difficult.

And while advisers are generally very good at managing people - as their core focus is on managing their client relationships - it's critical that the time and energy spent on people management is directed where it can be most productive.

Outsourcing enables you to focus your attention on the functions that will add the most value to your clients and your business. For example, working with client-facing staff on improving the client experience or mentoring a trainee adviser.

It’s hard to find people to suit the exact needs of your business as it changes over time. Outsourcing some of your back office means you can draw the particular support you need and scale up as your business grows.

Advisers already outsource many aspects of their business and are realising that this can help them better manage their practice and concentrate on the activities that matter.

Efficient and compliant administration is, of course, vital in the heavily regulated world we live in. But time and energy spent on supervising administration functions is also time and energy you can't spend with a client, or on business building activities.

In fact, outsourcing done well can improve the consistency of process and service. Of course, like anything, it has to be done well and that's where Centrepoint can help.

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