A guide to starting your own financial advice practice

Business Development

Ryan Goodfellow, National Growth Manager, Centrepoint Alliance

In my role as National Growth Manager with Centrepoint Alliance I have the privilege of meeting some of the best financial planning professionals working in the market. Professionals I would be more than happy to send my mum to see because I know that they value all the elements of great advice from being highly personable, which comes from years of working with clients and truly understanding them, to being highly educated.

I’m truly excited about the next generation of self-employed business owners that are coming from the salaried channels of large institutions or employed within a suburban or boutique practice. They are hungry to make their mark with clients by providing them with truly valued and personalised financial planning advice.

They say that “short cuts take longer” and in the context of building an advice business this is certainly true. However, it is also said that “success leaves clues”. I applied this concept to a recent online workshop that I ran to help salaried planners work out how to make the move into self-employment and own their own  financial planning practice.

In the workshop, I shared all the knowledge that I have gained over the past 10 years and 3,500 meetings with advisers that want to either start or grow their financial planning practices. Over the years I’ve coached hundreds of salaried advisers through the process of setting up their own practices and I want to share that with you with my webinar.

Below is   a recording  the workshop, which gives you a good blue print around what you need to think about and start doing to build your dream of owning your own practice. I will take you through the following - 

  • Pros and Cons of self-employment
  • Application checklist
  • Buy a practice or grow organically
  • Employment contracts and what you need to know
  • Business plan
  • Choosing a dealer group
  • Next steps

If you are a financial planner working in a large institution or boutique and are considering setting up your own practice please feel free to book in a time with me by clicking on the button below.

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All the best with this challenging yet rewarding journey of which I’d love to hear all about. If you have any comments or questions about the webinar please feel free to get in touch.