This is why recent upheaval in the financial services industry doesn't mean its demise


Join CEO, Angus Benbow, Group Executive Advice, Soula Cargakis and General Counsel, Marty Carne, as they discuss their journey in the financial services industry and what firms need to do to ensure they are future ready. 

Hosted in two parts by our National Growth Manager, Ryan Goodfellow, this is the first time members of our Executive team have gotten together to publicly discuss industry changes and how Centrepoint Alliance plans to respond. 
  • Hear about each of the Executives’ histories within the industry and what led them to their current role with Centrepoint.
  • Learn about some of the regulatory changes that are imperative to making the industry stronger.
  • Find out how CEO, Angus Benbow sees financial advice evolving and the role the Royal Commission has played in influencing this.

Episode One

  • Learn what financial advisers can do to move forward after the Royal Commission.
  • General Counsel, Marty Carne discusses how Centrepoint plans to tackle compliance changes.
  • Angus Benbow discusses Centrepoint's shift to a new business model and value proposition.       

Episode Two