How to use brand to build trust in your financial advice firm

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Carlo Tarquinio – Strategy Director, Trout Creative

In the digital age, online presence and communication is more important than ever to create trust. Our perception of what is ‘trustworthy’ and who we choose to trust is increasingly affected by decentralised influences.

Clients expect instantaneous access to information and can easily share their opinions – both favourable and unfavourable. Therefore, building a brand focused on trust is integral to success.

In the financial services industry, this has become a challenge as trust in the industry is at an all-time low. In a recent joint survey by Yell Creative and MyGov, financial services ranked lower than tech companies, pharmaceutical, the federal government and telecoms. Clients see financial institutions as self-serving and having disregard for their best interests.

So, in the face of a sceptical market, what can financial advisers do to tackle declining opinions? 

Rather than relying on ad hoc strategies for branding and marketing, advice firms need to focus on making these areas a core asset and function that integrate with all areas of their business. From defining customer value proposition to managing expectations and the delivery of services, aligning branding and marketing with all facets of business is integral to building trust.

In line with this, all communications and customer service efforts need to be refined. A strong emphasis on quality control is paramount to the success of any marketing and communications strategies.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

In fact, it needs to be clear to everyone in the business so you can project that clarity to your clients and potential clients. Advisers need to create transparency and reliance in their brand by projecting an authentic voice.

Having worked on brand and strategic communications for companies including AIG, nab Capital, PwC and Centrepoint Alliance, I can certainly attest to trust being the factor that drives longevity; a key indicator of success. 

To find out more about how strong branding and marketing strategies can help you create a brand clients trust, please join Creative Director of Trout Creative Thinking, Carlo Tarquinio, for Five steps to build a brand financial advice clients trust - a recording of the first webinar in a seminal series by Centrepoint Alliance, called Future Unlimited.

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