Going blue for beyondblue!


On Wednesday 28 April 2017 we launched the Centrepoint Alliance Foundationand announced beyondblue as our chosen cause for our inaugural partnership.

We choose to partner with beyondblue due to their tireless work in advocating for the importance of maintaining positive mental health; alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression; and preventing suicide across Australia.

To kick off fundraising efforts we recently hosted the ‘Go blue for beyondblue' fundraising event on Friday 12 May, and with great success!

We would like to thank all our (very enthusiastic!) financial advice community and Centrepoint Alliance employees across the country who got involved and showed their support by donning blue for the cause.

Check out the gallery!

We are very pleased to announce that so far we have raised a total of $2,400. This is an incredible effort for our first fundraising event, so we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who donated and has supported us so far.

To learn more about the work of the foundation – please check out Marty Carne’s viewpoint Q&A, and don’t forget to like the Centrepoint Alliance Foundation Facebook page.