From Adviser to Boss; why it's time to step off the precipice

Future of Financial Advice

By John de Zwart, Managing Director, Centrepoint Alliance 

With the financial advice industry undergoing rapid change and facing major public reputation and legislative risks, more and more advisers at all levels are seeing the benefit of taking responsibility for their own futures, as professionals running their own businesses.

But how do you take that first step off the cliff and make the transition from salaried adviser to a business owner? Starting your own business in any industry is daunting. And with the amount of legislative turmoil in financial advice, it can seem downright overwhelming.

Becoming an authorised representative of a reputable dealer group is the first obvious step for most. And while this is a crucial decision in the establishment of your business, it still leaves many unanswered questions.

How will I afford the overheads of running a business while I am still establishing an income? Where will I set up my business to run from? What technology infrastructure do I need to run my business? What sort of financial planning software should I use?

Like I said, for many this can appear daunting.

Our whole business model at Centrepoint Alliance is based on empowering and partnering with advisers to grow and develop their business the way they want to. And now we want to enable and support the best-salaried advisers to take the next step towards building their own strong prosperous business.

We have developed an attractive turn-key transition solution that includes full compliance and technical support, best-of- breed technology solutions, business development support and attractive terms, including initial fee relief.

We can also offer flexible options in office arrangements, including utilising Centrepoint Alliance’s offices around the country and our support infrastructure around the country to reduce overheads during your first year in business.

Of course, the biggest difference we offer is a cultural one. Our entire focus is on enabling professional advisers to develop themselves as practice managers and business owners.

There is an entire community of like-minded professionals who have gone before you to tap into. Professional advisers, just like yourself, who have a good compliance record and share a passion for a client-centric approach to advice. 

While the industry has been through a lot of turmoil, we know the need for quality advice is greater than ever. Clients need and demand advice that is focussed on them and their goals. Advisers need support that is focussed on helping them deliver to their clients, rather than simply acting as the sales and distribution arm of an institution.

If you’re ready to step off the precipice, get in touch with us and let us be your ‘Partner for Growth’.