Centrepoint recognised as leading licensee


Centrepoint Alliance’s dealer group, Alliance Wealth, was named as a finalist for the 2017 CoreData/Professional Planner Independently Owned Licensee Award. National Manager Sales Strategy, Kevin John, explains the philosophy that is driving its growth and recognition.

We wanted to establish a dealer group that was focused primarily on the needs of financial planning businesses. This may sound obvious, but it isn’t always the case in our industry.

We are in the business of helping our licensees run great advice businesses.

Our job is to enable advice firms to prosper and grow by putting their clients front and centre of their business. We do everything we can to help them deliver not just quality advice, but a quality service experience as efficiently as possible. This means the advisers can focus their energy on their client relationships and building their business.

It’s not just about providing innovative and integrated systems, processes and support – it’s about working with each firm to help them deliver on their particular client value proposition and growth strategy.

It’s also understanding that different advice firms are at different stages of their evolution, from start-up and growth phases, through to mature businesses. Within the Centrepoint group we have a full range of licensing, support and succession planning solutions to help adviser’s prosper, throughout their career and business journey.

We are very selective in the quality of advisers with whom we partner. They must genuinely respect their clients and believe in the valuable role that good advice can play in people’s lives. We want passionate, committed advisers who have the right values and want to be part of a community of advisers who share similar values.

While Centrepoint has experienced strong growth, we don’t focus on the number of financial planning practices, which in the past was seen in the industry as a measure of success. We are only interested in adding quality businesses and ensuring they fit into and contribute to a positive culture.

We are all about supporting practices to develop their business, respecting the fact that every firm has its own value proposition and vision for where they want to take the business.

We have a strong practice development framework that we take every business through to establish their operational and strategic plan, and ensure they are best set up to deliver that.

It’s about leveraging their own knowledge, expertise and client relationships with the right mix of technology, compliance, research and investment solutions to suit them.

There has been incredible innovation in the advice and investment world in recent years and our job is to help advisers and advice businesses to harness that innovation to build a great advice business by providing a great client experience.

We firmly believe that the only way for advice firms to succeed today is to put their clients first and the only way for dealer groups to succeed is to put advice businesses first.

If you'd like to discuss how Centrepoint Alliance can help your advice firm grow, get in touch with us today.